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What is the McKenzie Method and How Will it Help My Patients?

ARC hosted a Lunch and Learn on February 21st featuring Alexander Bailey, MD on the evaluation and treatment of spine abnormalities in workers' comp patients and Dorothy Riviere, ARC's Director of Organizational Development discussing The McKenzie Method:  What is it and does it lead to better outcomes.

McKenzie Method Flier

Dorothy Riviere's powerpoint presentation

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Resources

Athletic & Rehabilitation Center, HROI and Lathrop & Gage recently hosted an employer symposium and webinar on the final Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) regulations from the EEOC featuring Lisa Schnall, Senior Attorney Advisor for the EEOC. GINA extends ADA's protection against discrimination in the workplace of employees with "manifest" disabilities to include disabilities that may be uncovered through genetic testing and not yet evident. GINA impacts employers with 15 employees or more and prohibits you from requesting, requiring, purchasing or disclosing genetic information. For more information and guidance to protect your company please review these GINA resources:

Handouts from the July 6th webinar, "The GINA's Out of the Bottle"

"The GINA's Out of the Bottle" Powerpoint Presentation

ARC's Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act Q&A

View the Webinar

Sample Warning Language for Employer's Healthcare Providers Contracts

EEOC's final regulations, fact sheet, Q&A for Small Business

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